Tutorial Gift Vouchers

Our tutorial gift vouchers are personalized one-to-one tutorials aimed at those baffled by buttons and confused by cameras. A tutorial gift voucher makes an ideal gift for someone who has perhaps been bought a digital camera as a present or as a latest gadget and they don't actually know how to use it.

We will inpsire their creative streak and enable them to capture better photos!

The tutorial will break down the different steps of the camera, discussing through each of the buttons and functions so that you can use the camera to its fullest capabilities and take photos that impress!

A typical 3 hour tutorial would cover;

  • How a camera works
  • Functions on the camera
  • Aperture and shutterspeeds
  • White Balance
  • Downloading photos
  • File Storage systems
  • How to take better photos
  • Tips and tricks

The sessions can also be tailored to your needs, depending on what you may already know and what you want to achieve from digital photography. Please contact us to discuss anything further.

Tutorial Gift Voucher Options..

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Celebration Gift Voucher
Value £100

In your home
Tutorial can take place in your own home, place of work, or 'on location'


Certificate on completion
A personalised certificate once you have completed the tutorial


Personalised voucher
A personalized gift voucher with a message of your choice to the recipient.